Optimum Rock Hard Cream - 2 Fl. Oz. - Boxed SE2203003

Optimum Rock Hard Cream - 2 Fl. Oz. - Boxed

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Make every moment count with the powerful Optimum Power Rock Hard Cream. The high potency, unscented formula uses Benzocaine to desensitize and elevate pleasure, keeping you in the game longer. The high-potency Benzocaine keeps you going long and strong throughout foreplace and intercourse. Applied before playtime, the cooling lubricant works to elevate performance and pleasure with every use.

Maximize your pleasure tool with every application and elevate performance, increase stamina and enhance pleasure for everyone involved. Indulge in hard and fast loving or take it slow as the desensitizing cream keeps you going longer.

From bashful beginners to the erotically experienced, the unscented formula is gentle on sensitive skin. To use, simply apply from tip to base and enhance stamina, size and pleasure. The convenient, travel-size tube is handy in any moment of passion.

Maximum Strength
High Potency Formula
7.5% Benzocaine
Made in the USA