Colt Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg SE6890202

Colt Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg

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Handsomely stylish and powerful, the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg is befitting of the COLT name. This intensely satisfying EZ grip power pack offers powerful multi-speed sensations that will have you craving more, more, Crafted from high quality ABS with silver plating, this egg is as powerful as it is good looking. For the ultimate in vibrating pleasure, you cant beat the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg. This egg will take you to thrilling levels of sensation and enjoyment. Luxuriously hedonistic, the Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg provides the perfect way to achieve exciting fantasies and a vibrant experience just pulsating with gratifying enjoyment. Both flexible and durable, for long-lasting gratification, the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg offers powerful sensations for the utmost in sensual pleasure. Whether youre flying solo or with a partner, this egg offers the versatility that youll want for fun and excitement. Also, for maximum enjoyment, always use with a water-based lubricant.