B Yours - Basic Beads - Pink BL-23110

B Yours - Basic Beads - Pink

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B Yours Basic Beads are perfect for exploring new anal sensations. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned expert in anal bead play, you'll want to go all the way with these! Basic Beads are durable yet flexible, with 10 gradual beads that expand in size as you go deeper. The convenient loop handle makes retrieval easy! Pull it out gently to experience more pleasure as each bead massages on its way out! Made of body safe PVC, Basic Beads are free of fragrance, phthalate, paraffins, and latex. They're safe and easy to clean.

Perfect for Beginner Anal Play
Beads Start Small and Graduate Up in Size
Flexible and Conforms to Your Body
Made of Non Porous PVC. Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex

Overall Length: 12.75" (32.39cm)
Insertable Length: 10.25" (26.04cm)
Width: 1" (2.54cm)