Arousal Gel - 0.25 Fl Oz./ 7ml SE2244002

Arousal Gel - 0.25 Fl Oz./ 7ml

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Tease and tantalize your lover with the exotic Arousal Gel. The easy to use, minty fresh flavored gel is designed to increase your intimate, sensual seduction for a memorable encounter every time. Apply a small amount of the non-sticky, greaseless gel directly onto super sensitive sweet spots and erogenous zones all over the body, and enjoy pleasurable tingles and sensations. Use your imagination and find creative ways to use the tantalizing, refreshing Arousal Gel.

The sensual gel contains a blend of ingredients that enhance and elevate sensitivity and sensual pleasure. The edible mint flavored gel produces a cool tingling sensation when applied directly to the nipples, clitoris, and other secret pleasure zones. Share the erotic stimulation satisfaction with your lover by applying the gel during spontaneous intimacy and sensuous encounters. The pleasant minty gel is lickable for added stimulation possibilities. Arousal Gel is supplied in a handy 1/4 ounce (7mL) travel pot and is ideal for first-time and experienced users. Massage the gel into the area, and feel the immediate cool sensations and tingly arousal. The gel makes a great addition to an exotic toy collection and is perfect for enhancing your enjoyment of unadulterated sensual play.