Eve's Fetish Dreams Ankle Cuffs

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Explore your naughty side with padded ankle cuffs that restrain in style! Adjust the cuffs to fit - have fun deciding which hot position you and your partner want to try.

Easily spread your legs apart, keep them together, or tied anywhre you want - let your fantasies run wild! The cuffs are padded for your comfort & safety, while the swivel-snap hook connections let you writhe on ecstasy as you're held in place.

Mishievous fetish play that's safe, somfy - and devilishly sexy!
Adjustable vegan leather ankle cuffs
Soft diamond-sticth padded restraints
Perfect for bondage fantasies/role playing
Cuff connect with swivel snap hooks
Durable metal buckels & rivets
11.25" long, 2.3" wide
Fits up to 3.45" wide ankles