You want oral sex but you're too self conscious because of the smell or your partners taste?

You want oral sex but you're too self conscious because of the smell or your partners taste?

You are not alone.  Many women feel uncomfortable when their partner wants to go down on them, others simply don't like giving oral sex for various reasons.

Most of the calls I get regarding this are usually because women want to know what they can buy to get rid of their odor, or his, before going down for the feast.  I get calls almost every day from women asking if we carry something that will cover the smell or get rid of it so that they can feel more confident giving and receiving oral.  We don't have anything that will get rid of the smell but we sure can cover it pretty well and make oral the most delicious experience you've had! 

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First, let's talk about the odor.  It's natural and you shouldn't use all kinds of crazy stuff to cover it up daily. Plus, your dude probably actually likes it! Okay, okay, okay!!!  You don't care what I just just want something right now to smell good while he's down there he's kinda smelly and you don't want him to see your face when you get a whiff! Got it! There are many flavored lubes available that taste and smell delicious.  Sliquid makes flavored lubes that are high quality and gentle to your lady bits Here's an example of a Strawberry Pomegronite Sliquid (click link) for you to read on. Another product that sells really well and keeps selling out is Wet Fun Flavors (click link) like the watermelon or strawberry ones.  You will literally smell and taste so good you'll be drooling like you're sucking on candy!  

Second is the flavor part of giving and receiving oral.  Well, besides wanting to taste good for your partner or wanting them to taste good for oral to be bearable for you think positive.  With flavored lubes, not only is giving oral bearable, it is absolutely an enjoyable experience!  Just keep pouring it on as you feel needed and enjoy the dessert!  Your partner won't believe how much you're suddenly enjoying yourself and that confidence is a total game changer!

Follow this link to read on different flavored lubricants that may be of interest to you. This list is in no particular order but is intended for you to browse and read on your own. (click link)