Nayah! WTF!!! The shit you learn while running an adult store!

Nayah! WTF!!! The shit you learn while running an adult store!

Well, there are MANY things to learn while running an adult store.  One of these things is that there are fetishes that you may have never even thought of! OMG! Let me telllll you.

So we can all imagine whips, spikes, gag balls, leather, and latex.



Yes! Your dirty, stinky, sweaty socks!  Nayah!!!! WTF!!!  (yes, welcome to another episode of " Nayah WTF!!! ")  Hahahaha!

As I sit here giggling and still almost falling off my chair just thinking of someone loving the stink of my socks, I gotta tell yah, it's making some coin!

I'm actually thinking to make a Youtube channel for my cheese to go around better than these blogs but that's still just a thought.  Let me know if you'd watch it.

Soooo, a few months ago I heard that women were selling pictures of their feet.  As any curious woman would do I went ahead and Youtubed the subject to see what the heck that was about.  Yup! People are charging anywhere from $20-$50 a picture so guess what. Yours truly joined the bandwagon!

I am here to tell you that I have now sold a few sets of socks, foot pictures, and wiggly toe videos!  It's been fun and you get to meet really nice people doing that but you gotta be careful because like with anything you'll run into the dumbasses who will try to scam you.  You know what?  I am going to make a Youtube channel.  I think I need to answer questions there because for those of us who are stuck at home wearing old socks we bought at the dollar store that could be sold for $50 this may be something of value.  Alright!  Go look for a channel called Nayah!!! WTF!!  (It should be ready by Friday May 8th 2020.  I'll tell you how and where I got orders.