How can you help during this PANDEMIC?? From a store that supplies your industry.

How can you help during this PANDEMIC??  From a store that supplies your industry.

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Corona Virus tanking on our small businesses. Here's how to keep us available when you need us later.

Hello everyone! Naya here.

So the clubs are shut down, the stores are shut down, and we all have to stay at home. Well, most of us.  Essential workers and businesses are still making some money as they risk their health to keep the rest of us fed and medically served.  Some of you have an onlyfans or another way of making coin but for the rest of us...we are screwed. 

I wish all of you the best right now and with all my heart I wish you can find ways to keep you and yours fed if you are having a hard time right now.  For those of you who are taking a break at home and still shopping online, I hope this message gets to you.  We all work in an industry where we depend on one another.  You can't have a club with a shortage of girls and expect a big clientele so, yes, competition is a good thing.  You can't have one dancewear supplier and expect unique creations or good customer service.  So, yes, I know there are plenty of exotic dancewear stores to shop from and this is a good thing!  The question lies in how we can keep the small business owners going during these crazy times.

Here's why this is important... the big companies will survive this.  It's the small businesses that are being hit hard.  This is why we are relying on online sales.  It's our lifeline right now.  We are giving discounts to help our shoppers save while giving ourselves an opportunity to create income during this time.  So instead of Amazon or other big online services please try boutiques like and scroll down or do a search.  Once you have things in the checkout you'll get an automatic discount on your entire purchase.  Yes, it's possible shipping may be suddenly delayed and, yes, it's possible it'll get shipped out right away.  It all depends on our governments' orders on businesses at this point but this is with all suppliers.  The only things that won't be delayed are the items we have in store because those are under our immediate control. (use filter for "handmade") You can't dance for a while at the club but you can save money preparing for the big day when you go back while helping small businesses keep going so we're still around once everything goes back to normal.  

Therefore, since it'll be a while before you go back to your clubs please check out things like these... (click on the picture)

 Adult Items? Yes! We have those too.  Check out the Adult section to entertain each other while cooped up indoors. Not that wearing one of our outfits isn't entertainment enough!

Anywho,  I want to thank you for reading this far and for considering shopping my little shop of sexiness!  My kids, my dog, and I appreciate every single order placed today. Big hugs and lots of love to you all!



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