Dickstancing. It's okay to send her a big fat dick

Dickstancing. It's okay to send her a big fat dick

Hey, Lovers, you may have noticed that sexual needs have risen during these times of quarantine. Whether you are quarantined with your lucky lover or alone it's hard in more ways than one. 

Some of you have thought in the past to send someone a dildo as a prank. Well, women all around the world are standing here today to tell you to bring it! Send that big fat dick!

Not sure what to send during Dickstancing? Here are some examples of popular items that women would love to be surprised with(click the links as you read along)  a squirting dick with balls and a nice girth should keep her entertained and put you in hero status.  We understand that not everyone can be together but that's why webcam meetings can help us be together while apart.  Yup! Get creative and work those toys for each other in a live session. Go above and beyond for her with this G-Spot stimulator and really hit the spot...Fantasy for her G-Spot with remote control. Want to put Superman in his place? Get her both!...not kidding.  See, women need to be stimulated in many ways so why not throw in an oral sex simulator for her?

Yes, yes, yes, you may be asking yourself something along the lines of "Nayah! WTF! What about the 10-inch dildo? Well, my friends, as much as that beast has long been used as a prank item, believe it or not, it is one of the best inventions yet.  Everyone is scared of that monster but in reality, it probably won't fit most women all the way. However, the girth pretty much stretches out a girl's vajajay and hits everything those precious walls want hitting. So go for it!  

Once this whole quarantine is over you will have an arsenal of toys to play with together or apart.  Now you may be asking yourself "What about items that can be sent to a dude?"  So many options are popular. Check out the next blog post!



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