Choosing Your Exotic Dance Wear...Adult Entertainers

Choosing Your Exotic Dance Wear...Adult Entertainers

There are pole dance women who are curious about the exotic dance outfits and then there are the entertainers (strippers) who's job is to perform in sexy suits that leave little to nothing to the imagination. Whatever you want to wear, Nayah at Discreet Loving wants you to feel your best.  

When you look at a Discreet Loving hand made item in the Exotic Dancewear collection you'll see that most items are either a two-piece (2pc) or a three-piece (3pc). This is because when you are in class learning to striptease or on a stage stripping for work you will still have a backup thong. So when you see what looks like a 1pc bathing suit you're really looking at a dance outfit with a backup thong and the same goes for a 2pc suit that becomes a 3pc with the backup thong. (Some items do not include the backup thong so read the description) 

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Styles and colors

Styles and colors vary but for the most part the more attention you get the want to be seen. Suits vary in pricing and you'll notice that those with rhinestones and metallic features tend to have a higher price point. We know that dark colors look great on most everyone but its the bright colors, rhinestones, and metallic pattern materials that make you glow and sparkle in the lights. Our bright colored suits will react with the stage lights but add the rhinestones and you'll catch the eyes that weren't looking at the stage. Light flashes on you, eyes follow, you are now the center of attention increasing the possibility of more dollars. After that, your performance and the vibes take over.  So wuuuurk it sis!

Our suits are priced very competitively but choose what is in your budget and the budget you want to create because your image is everything in this business.  Look and act like a queen and you earn like a queen.

Shipping is free when you spend $50 or more.  This is subject to change so take advantage of it while it's available.  If you are local, you can also get your items by picking them up at the store. Simply place your order online so that your item is reserved at the counter and at checkout, choose "pick-up" in shipping options.

Discreet Loving only showcases some of the store items on the website.  If you have special requests please send a picture of what you're looking for by messaging Nayah through Instagram #DiscreetLoving or call the phone number on the homepage during business hours.  Nayah will deliver multiple orders to local clubs or schools in the Orange County area in SoCal for outfits and shoes ordered. Discreet Loving would love to earn your business and support.

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We offer women's shoes up to size 15 for cross-dressing via catalog order. Please inquire to get your favorite shoes!